Customer Testimonials


Holloway Plumbing does a great job. I really like their Up-Front Pricing.

Kathleen F.


The technician was very courteous, answered all my questions, and I don’t even know how they could improve!
Susan C.


Jerry showed incredible skill and dedication. He was very courteous, professional and friendly.

Nancy C.


I received really great service, and the technician explained everything.
Liza B.


Dustin was very knowledgeable and courteous.
Stacie N.


We’ve used Holloway exclusively since we moved into our home in 2007. We’ve always been pleased with the workers and the work they’ve done. James has worked here previously, and he’s the best. A great representative of your company.
Rita G.


I really enjoyed Texas, and his response time was great!
Martha G.


Mike was courteous and did what I wanted the way I would have done.
Hal B.


Marcie was especially helpful in dealing with our problem.
Rosemarie P.


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