Garbage Disposals

Are you in need of a garbage disposal installation or a garbage disposal repair? A garbage disposal or food waste disposer or waste disposal unit is a device – usually electrically-powered – which is installed under a kitchen sink between the sink’s drain and the trap. Its job is to shred food waste into pieces small enough to pass through your home’s plumbing system. Because this involves a mechanical piece of equipment and is ultimately tied to your sanitary sewer or septic tank system, plumbing problems may occur. At present, some 47% of the homes in the United States utilize a garbage disposal.


Scraps of food comprise between 10% and 20% of the average household waste. There has been an increasingly problematic issue associated with the disposal of leftover food as it relates to municipal waste disposal, public health concerns, sanitation, and environmental problems. If you treat food waste as a liquid (since it is roughly 70% water), then modern wastewater plants can more effectively process the organic solids, which is an environmental boost. This also minimizes the amount of waste that will eventually end up in a landfill, decomposing and generating methane gas. As you probably already know, methane gas is thought to be a major contributor to global warming and is some 21 times more toxic than carbon dioxide. Some things to consider about your garbage disposal unit:


Cleaning Your Garbage Disposal

Foul odors can occur from a buildup of food debris. Try these steps to eliminate foul odors in your garbage disposal:

  • Grind ice cubes and orange or lemon rinds in the disposer for about 30 seconds • While the disposer is still running, pour a small amount of liquid dish detergent into it • Rinse any remaining debris away by running cold water for about 30 seconds


What is My Garbage Disposal Stops Working?

In the event your disposer ceases to work, you can check the reset button. Your garbage disposal has an overload protector that senses if the motor is overheating and this protector shuts it off. If your garbage disposal cuts off during operation, it may be because the electrical connection is broken and needs to be reset. The best thing to do is:

  • Turn the disposer switch off • Do not put hands or objects down the drain • Make sure the appliance is plugged in securely at the outlet • With power switch turned off, press the reset switch on the front or bottom of the garbage disposer • Restart disposer by turning on power switch


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