Code Violations

Need Help With Plumbing Code Violations?

Plumbing code violations are handled quickly and efficiently by our master plumbers. If you have code violations that need to be corrected, Holloway Plumbing can help you right away! Give us a call today for estimates on code violations from one of our qualified plumbers. All of our plumbing services are satisfaction guaranteed, and we provide fast and dependable service.


Commercial and Residential Plumbing Code Violations

Plumbing code violations can be initiated for a variety of different reasons on both residential and commercial properties. With commercial buildings, they are usually issued:

  • During building renovations
  • During routine plumbing inspections
  • Or, if a formal complaint gets filed on an older building

When it comes to residential properties, you can violate the plumbing code for:

  • Performing renovations without a permit
  • Performing illegal plumbing procedures
  • Or, if a complaint is filed against you from a neighbor or a tenant.

At Holloway Plumbing, we are familiar with the local plumbing codes and don’t want to see you deal with any unnecessary problems when you don’t have to. Just because you receive a violation, it doesn’t always mean that you have done something wrong. Don’t panic! We can help you out of any bind and make sure your property is up to code.


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